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Stormwater Awareness Week

Jessica Thrasher, Colorado Stormwater Center & Water ’22 Partner, joins Fox 31 to discuss Stormwater Awareness Week and what we can do to protect our water that runs into our rivers.


Do You Know What’s in Your Tap Water?

You bathe, wash dishes and clothes, cook dinner, and fill water bottles from the tap. But what do you know about the water in your home? How is it treated? Is it free of contaminants? What can you do to help protect the water supply?


Colorado reservoirs filling back up post-drought

The Western Slope is no stranger to drought. It’s a fight Coloradans have been waging for years. Last summer, the Grand Valley turned tomato red on the map, classified as in extreme or exceptional drought, but Andrea Lopez of Ute Water says some reservoirs are slowly filling back up.

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