Shelledy Elementary takes action for Student Water Awareness Week

Kaeden Cooney describes his realization of how much water is disappearing.

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By Natasha Lynn, KKCO 11 News

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – Shelledy Elementary in Fruita is cultivating awareness and enthusiasm for water issues in Colorado during Student Water Awareness Week this week.



Fourth-grade teacher Sara Hill is taking the campaign on at the school with her students. The lessons are educating her students in water use and how to conserve and protect the state’s water future. Sara said she has always been very passionate about water conservation.



“I’ve noticed just with these kids alone, just their conversations in the last three days have changed about how much water they’re using,” said Hill. “A lot more of them have brought water bottles instead of using the water fountain, things like that.”



With climate change and the shrinking of the Colorado River, it’s more important now than ever.


“It’s getting less and less so we need to conserve it as much as possible,” said fourth-grader Kaeden Cooney. “I’ve not realized how much water is disappearing in this world.”



Part of the students’ week-long lesson is keeping track of their daily water usage. This includes logging their showers, hand washing, and bathroom trips among others. The students have also made pledges to use less water such as turning the water off when brushing their teeth.




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