Ready to learn more about Colorado water? We’ve got you covered!

Participate in the Water ’22 Book Club, recruit an expert presenter from the Water ’22 Speakers Bureau, or check out the curated list of resources available from other organizations below.

Book Club

Join the Water ’22 Book Club to read along throughout the year as we dive deeper into everything from fiction dystopian future with not enough water to go around, to a tale of the fastest whitewater run through the Grand Canyon blended with Colorado River history, to agricultural water on the brink, to legacy mining impacts.  Archives of each discussion are also available.

Speakers Bureau

Interested in inviting an expert presenter to speak to your class, community group, or organization about water issues? The Water ’22 Speakers Bureau is a group of water experts, water educators and water professionals from across Colorado with an interest in presenting on water-related topics they are passionate about, ranging from agriculture to the environment, climate to conservation, recreation to water supply, drought, energy, economic development, history and more.

Check our searchable Speakers Bureau database to locate a speaker near you! 

Water ’22 Monthly Newsletter

Water ’22 offers a monthly newsletter that outlines upcoming campaign activities and provides tips and resources for engaging in the 22 Ways to Care for Colorado Water in 2022. Check out past editions below. Sign up to receive campaign updates directly to your inbox HERE.

Additional Resources

Learn more about Colorado water and various initiatives underway statewide to conserve, protect and plan for a secure water future by starting with these sites.

Water Education Colorado

Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Colorado Water Plan

Colorado Water Wise, Live Like You Love It

Colorado Stormwater Center

Colorado Climate Center

Colorado Division of Water Resources

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Water Quality Control Division

Colorado Ag Water Alliance

Colorado Has a Water Plan, For the Love of Colorado Coalition wehaveawaterplan.or

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