It All Starts Here.

Water ’22 is a year-long celebration of Colorado’s water dedicated to the idea that “It all starts here.”

It’s about Coloradans from all corners of the state, and all walks of life, recognizing the value of water, and growing in understanding of how water connects all people, upstream and downstream, past, present and future. 

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Annual average precipitation in Colorado, with regional variations
New Coloradans were born or moved here between 2010-2020
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Colorado drinking water originates on forested land

Do You Know What’s in Your Tap Water?

You bathe, wash dishes and clothes, cook dinner, and fill water bottles from the tap. But what do you know about the water in your home? How is it treated? Is it free of contaminants? What can you do to help protect the water supply?

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Mark Razum, Head Groundskeeper for the Colorado Rockies, is encouraging you to join the Rockies in protecting & conserving Colorado water for future generations. Take action today!


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Take The Pledge

By using the hashtag #Water22 you are pledging to engage in 22 Ways to Care for Water in 2022. These small shifts can conserve more than 22 gallons of water a day per person and protect water quality, which will help stretch scarce water supplies and preserve the many values for Colorado water, including agriculture, parks and open space, fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, drinking water and industrial and commercial uses.

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